Paragraph One: The most important aim is the end of ALL explotation that is affecting this planet and it’s inhabitants.

Paragraph two: The aims wwu strives for are: Peace, JUSTNESS//JUSTICE & Prosperity for everyone.
This means WWU will work FOR the satisfaction of the basic desires of every human.
To us, these desires are: Food, Water, shelter, Clothing, Education and social/Corporate Activities.

Paragraph three: In order to allow peace for everyone, WWU strives to disintegrate the whole armaments industry.

Paragraph four: Education and knowledge should be accessible and free for everyone. Every bit of knowledge of any field.

Paragraph Five: We will no longer allow the leading class and the econonmy to make the decisions that affect us. WWU strives for public decions made by the people and for a share of a company’s profit for every worker

Pragraph six: Try to make every living being feel better after meeting you.

Paragraph seven: Meet every lifeform with respect and tolerance.

Paragraph eigt: Don’t ask if you don’t care about the answer.

Paragraph nine: WWU is ready to be a part of a non-violent and silent struggle.

Paragraph ten: We will not judge or restrict anybody because of what he is or how he thinks. There is nothing you can not talk about.

Paragraph eleven: Love the life you live. If you can’t love your life, don’t pretend you do.

Paragraph twelve: Tolerance, loyalty and solidarity are our virtues.

Paragraph thirteen: There will be no band of superiors. If for any reason a party of superiors can not be avoided, it will be disbanded as soon as our goals are reached.
Everyone who is entrusted with such a postion will have to repeat this „rule“ over and over again.
If anyone of them forgets about this, he or she will be replaced immediately.

Paragraph fourteen: We will search for solutions of problems together. And we will apply these solutions together.

Paragraph fifteen: Don’t hesitate to raise public awareness by bold actions. We will discuss such actions and vote on them.

Paragraph sixteen: Everyone can and should participate in the votings. Everyone should have the duty to participate in the actions.
The smallest deed will be highly valued. Everyone can move something. Everyone can make a difference. Always!

Paragraph seventeen: Don’t let ANYONE tell you how to live or how to feel. Decide for yourself. Now!

We Want U
(WWU) 😉


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